Monday, August 26, 2013


Grammy nominated Christian singer, Matthew West’s book Forgiveness is a beautiful blend of his song-writing and powerful stories of forgiveness. As the editor of a collection of incredibly touching and personal stories, West focuses on forgiving others, forgiving yourself, asking for forgiveness, and embracing God’s forgiveness. Between the stories, West reflects on forgiveness and also explains how these particular stories influenced his music. This book is a short compilation that can be picked up in moments of need and does not have to be read all the way through. While some of these stories are inspiring, others are comforting (it is reassuring to recognize that others have struggled with forgiveness in the ways that we have). Forgiveness is a delightful blend of the works of Christian writers, personal vignettes, and faith-based inspiration and is a comforting and refreshing read. Plus, because the book is an excellent companion to West’s song of the same name (see below), the lyrics are interspersed throughout the book in a beautiful manner and connect to the powerful stories of forgiveness.

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