Monday, August 26, 2013

The of the Eighties

Anyone growing up in the 1980s remembers Strawberry Short Cake, He Man, Care Bears, and sideways ponytails, but it is easy to forget many of the political, social, and technological landmarks because of the nostalgic memories that dominate. That is precisely why The New York Times: The Times of the Eighties is the absolute best way to bring back the nostalgia of the past. This collection of articles from The New York Times features the actual articles and photographs that helped to define a generation. Brilliantly broken down into sections (Politics, Business, Health Care & Technology, Fashion, Life & Style, etc.), this book is the perfect way to examine the decade. Whether it be to reminisce or to share historical events with a younger generation, this book is amazing in that it blends the highly respected writing of The New York Times with the most important events of the ’80s. For example, Princess Diana’s wedding, the premiere of “Cats”, Reagan’s declaration to “Raze the Berlin Wall”, the evolution of the modern DNA test, and the Exxon Valdez oil spill impacted a generation and they are concisely and dutifully reported in this book. Whether you want to check facts, reminisce, or share history, The New York Times: The Times of the Eighties is a great read.

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